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Indian Washing Nuts

by Eco Natural Products

Product's Website

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  • Indian Washing Nuts
  • Indian Washing Nuts


multi uses - very economical
1 x 1Kg+ 1 x washing bag

Laundry, clothes washing, liquid cleaner, shampoo, hand wash, jewelery cleaner, conditioner for garden

1kg is enough for minimum 140 WASHES in temp 60°C , if you do wash in lower temp they will stay for longer.

100% original quality with the highest saponin content!

The nuts has a high saponin content and for that reason they can be a bit sticky. That's natural thing.

Indian nuts for washing are an alternative to chemical detergents, nuts come from India and Nepal, where for many years been used as a natural detergent. They grow on 15-meter high trees Sapindus mukorossi.

This nut shells contain saponin, a natural detergent which has cleaning and degreasing properties. Nuts after breaking of a tree got split up and agent is removed, then they are drying until a dark color.



  • Nut shells, after contact with water release saponin, natural form of foam which cleanes without addition of any chemicals!
  • Nuts are 100% safe, they don't cause allergic reactions and are environmentally friendly.
  • They can be used many times for washing (temp. 30 degrees - 4 times, temp. 40 degrees - 3 times, temp. 60 degress - 1 or 2 times and once at a temperature of 90 degrees) which makes them an inexpensive alternative to chemical cleaning agents. Amount of uses depends also from local water and its hardness.
  • Best species - Sapinidus Mukorossi. Very economical -1Kg should last for over 100 washes.
  • Multi uses properties - Laundry wash, hand wash, dish wash in dishwasher, shampoo, cleaning liquid, jewellery cleaner, gardening conditioner.

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