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Kala Beautiful Beans

by Kala Beautiful Beans
4.1 stars based on 1670 reviews

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  • Kala Beautiful Beans
  • Kala Beautiful Beans
  • Kala Beautiful Beans
  • Kala Beautiful Beans
  • Kala Beautiful Beans


Behold your box full of beautiful beans!

Every blend is packed full of crunchy, wholesome goodness. Fava beans and chickpeas have so much protein, fiber and nutrients, you’ll start calling them superfoods! Try  our delicious Kala snacks and we think you’ll become a big-time bean fan, too.

Only Available at Sprouts.


  • Tropical Curry – Roasted fava beans with curry spice and lime juice
  • Cherry Trail Medley – Roasted fava beans and vanilla-glazed chickpeas with cherries, toasted coconut and dark chocolate chunks
  • Pineapple Kick Medley – Roasted fava beans and orange-glazed chickpeas with pineapple, blueberries and paprika
  • Simply Peppered – Roasted fava beans with Himalayan pink salt and black pepper

People trying this product

Reviews (1670)

's review

I was pleased to get all 4 varieties of Kala Beautiful Beans to try from Swaggable. It was interesting to try something different than usuall nut snacks. My favourite taste was pineaple variety, because it taste very different but good. Simple pepper ones are good too. I wasn't sure about cherry coconut chocolate mix, it was lacking cherry flavour and chocolate was odd here.. The curry lime variety taste bad for me, but I'm not very big fan of curry. My husband tried them too, and liked pineaple and pepper varieties. I would definetallety buy this  to introduce some variety to my regual snacks, if the price is reasonable. 

9 Comments . Comment . Sun, Dec 27, 2015 at 8:41 PM

's review Tucson, Arizona

Admittedly I was a little leary about trying the Kala Beautiful Beans when I saw how trail mix-y they are.  Trail Mix by nature can be a difficult food to balance.  Getting the right seasonings and the various textures, and fine tuning the salty vs the sweet... Trail Mix is almost art.  That being said, I was pleasantly surprised by all four flavors.  The difference between this and ordinary mixed snacks, of course, lies in the beans.  The beans in question are fava beans, chickpeas, or a combination of the two, depending on the flavor variety.  They were so perfectly dried that they were nearly indistinguishable from nut meats.  The complex flavors that the beans added to the mix were perfectly accented by light seasonings and combined very well with the sweet and citrus addition of the fruits.  I really can't go on enough about how crisp and well prepared each component of the mix was.

My personal favorite was the Tropical Curry flavor.  I provided a fiery bite, followed by a quick surge of citrus that then descends into the more earthy tones of the fava beans.

One unexpected benefit to these is that they are extraordinarily filling.  I'm a healthy male weighing in around 200 lbs and frankly, half of a 1.5 oz package left me sated.  All of them were under 200 calories, so in essence a 100 calorie snack killed my appetite for nearly 4 hours.  That's the essence of diet food right there, and it tastes great!

I can't say I would have considered buying this before I tried it.  There are endcaps in walmart devoted to trailmix... and they are all gross.  But having tried it now, if it magically sprang up in the gas station next to work, I'd consider buying it as a snack everyday.  I encourage everyone to give it a go.

4 Comments . Comment . Wed, Jan 13, 2016 at 3:03 PM

's review Grand Junction, Colorado

First off, I would like to say thank you to Swaggable and Kala Beans for the opportunity to try their product!! I was so excited when I received the invite and even more surprised when I received the sample in the mail. It came faster than expected. I was expecting one small package to try. Instead, I received four small packages of different flavors to try.


I do have to be honest, I have never heard of a Fava bean and had to Google it. I had no idea that it is a member of the pea family, but I am impressed.


I tried Tropical Curry first for an evening snack. The description on the bag reads, “roasted fava beans with curry spice and lime juice.” I was a little worried about it being spicy, but it was not that bad. It had a little kick and made my nose run a little, but nothing to write home about. There was just a hint of lime, but not to sour, just enough to blend well with the curry. I felt like I was eating something from our local Nepali restaurant. The beans themselves are amazing! The crunch! WOW!!! I read reviews that these were fried. They most certainly are NOT! They remind me of Wasabi Peas or Roasted Chickpeas. Not really sure where the “Tropical” comes in, maybe the Lime, but I like this flavor. I was also worried about the 200 calories per package, but was impressed with the 10 grams of protein per bag. This is a very healthy snack if you are eating a half or one bag a day.


Second, I tried Cherry Trail Medley as a morning snack between breakfast and lunch. The description on the bag reads, “roasted fava beans and vanilla-glazed chickpeas with cherries, toasted coconut, and dark chocolate chunks.” There was a light vanilla flavor on the chickpeas and fava beans, but not overpowering. The fava beans had a great crunch as they did with the Tropical Curry. The dried cherries are tart, but not enough to make you pucker up. The dark chocolate pieces add a nice flavor and they are not too strong. I loved how crispy the coconut flakes are! They were not chewy as they can be in other mixes and the flavor was great (I think that was my favorite part!). Overall, this mix seemed a little dry, but it went great with my morning coffee!! The calories were on 180 for the package with 6 grams of protein and it held me over until lunch.


Third, I tried Simply Peppered as an afternoon snack. The description on the bag reads, “roasted fava beans with Himalayan pink salt and black pepper.” I have never had Himalayan pink salt before but was excited to try it. I was a little worried this one may be on the spicy side with the black pepper as some companies can over do it and put way too much pepper in. There was the perfect blend of both in this mix. It was NOT spicy at all! I didn’t end up with massive heartburn an hour after eating it. The salt was great. It was not too salty and it didn’t make my fingers swell up as they do with many salty snacks. I gobbled this one right up and was sad when it was all gone. The calories and protein were the same as the Tropical Curry and it makes a great salty craving snack!


Lastly, I tried Pineapple Kick Medley as an evening snack. The description on the bag reads, “roasted fava beans and orange-glazed chickpeas with pineapple, blueberries, and paprika.”

When I opened the bag, the smell was amazing. Wasn’t really sure how paprika went with fruits, but somehow it works. The fava beans and chickpeas are perfectly glazed with orange and it is refreshing with a nice crunch. The pineapple is a white puff (the ingredients say they are freeze dried) and it seemed a little weird at first, but had amazing flavor! The blueberries are not too chewy and are perfectly sweet. There really is no “Kick” in this one, but it is a great sweet and salty snack. Calories are the same as Cherry Trail Medley with 7 grams of protein. It went great with my evening cup of tea.

Overall, this is an amazing product. Pineapple Kick Medley and Simply Peppered are my faves! Would I recommend this product? YES!!! Hurry up and get in stores!!!! Thanks again for the opportunity to sample!!!

6 Comments . Comment . Tue, Jan 05, 2016 at 8:26 PM

's review Lakewood, California

I liked that the beans were a healthier alternative snack. It was an awesome work snack that definitely kept me going the rest of the morning. Although the pepper flavored bag was not my favorite I did enjoy the other flavors offered. It was great seeing a range of different flavors being offered, there is something for everyone. I gave them a 4 star review because I thought the product was great.
1 Comment . Comment . Tue, Jan 12, 2016 at 3:45 PM

's review Scottsdale, Arizona

Kinda weird. Didn't really taste like trail mix...more like Japanese rice candy. Would not recommend and will not be buying.
0 Comment . Comment . Fri, Jan 01, 2016 at 5:03 PM

's review Roseville, California

 Overall, some of the flavors were good, some not so good. I personally would stear clear of the more plain salt and pepper flavors, since I found them a little bland. I would buy the vanilla cherry and fruitier pineapple versions of this snack though. It was healthier than I expected, so brownie points there, but considering that the taste was hit and miss, I'm glad I got to sample these before buying. I would still recommend these to my friends, and the ones I enjoyed were a really good snack. They were crispy and just the right amount of sweet.

1 Comment . Comment . Thu, Dec 24, 2015 at 12:12 PM

's review Albuquerque, New Mexico

I recently tried the samples of KALA Beautiful Beans courtesy of saggable. I recieved four flavors Pineapple kick medley, Tropical curry, simply peppered, and cherry trail medley. Indeed they are delicious and each has a distinct flavour. My only problem is thatthese are deep fried and they dont taste healthy. Though they are great to carry along to road trips. Thats why I did too. I also packed 2 to take with me to the cinema. 

As I said the flavors are great and delicious. They are crunchy and flavorfull. My favourite are the simply peppered and the cherry trail medley. I really like the chocolate and the cocnut flakes in the cherry medley. Not only because I am a big fan of chocolate but also because the combo is perfectly balanced in terms of crunch and sweetness. Simply peppered is great because it has the right amount of salt and spice. I am buying these to take with me on road trips. Among the flavors I will probable recommend these two flavors to my friends and family. 

Thank you for letting me try these flavorful beautiful beans.

3 Comments . Comment . Wed, Dec 30, 2015 at 8:34 PM

's review Irvine, California

I tried 4 snack packs (around 200 calories in each pack) of different flavors - Cherry Trail Medley, Simply Peppered, Pineapple Kick Medley, and Tropical Curry.  My favorite is the Cherry Trail Medley because it's lightly sweet with tasty dark chocolate pieces and a good balance of flavors; this is a GREAT alternative trail mix if you aren't a big fan of nuts like me.  I also enjoyed the Simply Peppered - it reminds me of Trader Joe's Salt and Pepper chips but it's much healthier than potato-based snacks.  I wasn't a big fan of the Pineapple Kick Medley, just not my style.  I didn't have high expectations for Tropical Curry since I don't particularly like curry; this snack however is defintely curry flavored but in a good not-overwhelming way.

Overall, I very much endorse Kala Beautiful Beans (particularly Cherry Trail Medley and Simply Peppered) since they are a high protein, iron, and fiber tasty snack alternative and only around 200 calories per pack.  I wasn't able to find any pricing online for how much each 1.5oz packet costs so I cannot attest to it being a good deal or not; but they are definitely tasty and if priced reasonably I would definitely buy.  I give this product 5 stars just for having the Cherry Trail Medley and Simply Peppered flavors alone.

3 Comments . Comment . Tue, Dec 29, 2015 at 8:35 PM

's review Versailles, Missouri

Finally, recieved my first swaggle sample and was lucky enough that it was Kala Beans. I quite enjoyed the curry flavored beans the most so far. Perhaps it because I like spicy things. I would definitly reccomnd these to someone else. If I were to buy this item at this size I would expect to pay about $1.00 a bag. Hope you all enjoy. 

2 Comments . Comment . Tue, Jan 05, 2016 at 10:39 PM

's review La Verne, California


The new year also brings a fresh start and many of us seem to always start same, with the desire to better our well being via losing weight, eating better and overall taking better care of ourselves. From what reports and the news states, we all also tend to fail and abandon the idea by the time February rolls around. I blame Santa for the Christmas chocolates he leaves behind to Valentine's Day with all the treats to add back again that you just finished eating in January :) Whatever the cause, failing is not my kind of thing and with every passing year being able to maintain a healthy weight, plus lose a little here and there, I plan to remain on the healthy eating path. My problem is boredom and always has been. I dislike eating the same thing every single day as a snack. It just makes my days blend and kills my palette! I love apples but an apple even in different varieties is just different degrees of sweetness and crunch, but still remains being an apple. I sometimes crave savory and salty snacks and yes, I could dip an apple in something like a salted caramel but then I might as well just eat a piece of cheesecake! So, my ever endless hunt for brands that keep me on track has again yielded another option for us.


Kala Beautiful Beans is a new company and part of the Bush Brothers Company. Their treats come in one serving single bags or a large bag that yields about 5 servings each. At first I thought it was just foo-foo trail mixes and my hippy side admits that when I see any new trail mix or granola mix hit the market, my heart does flutter but nothing is as welcoming as seeing a new member added to the line up. Kala Beautiful Beans uses Fava Beans as their main ingredient. They are roasted and seasoned and paired up with other ingredients like Garbanzo (chickpeas) beans and dried fruits, along with spices and seasonings. Currently Kala Beans features 4 different flavors:

Pineapple Kick Medley- Roasted fava beans and orange-glazed chickpeas with pineapple, blueberries and paprika.
Cherry Trail Medley- Roasted fava beans and vanilla-glazed chickpeas with cherries, toasted coconut and dark chocolate chunks.
Simply Peppered Beans- Roasted fava beans with Himalayan salt and black pepper.
Tropical Curry Beans- Roasted fava beans with curry spice and lime juice.

You can purchase all varieties at your local Sprout's Farmers Markets.

I was unsure what to expect and the beans have a roasted peanut color and thier shape resembles a small hazelnut, but they are airy in the center. Think of a really puff corn nut but without that grainy corn feeling you get when chewing one. They break down cleanly while eating and taste ........well, delicious. I don't taste bean. Even the chickpeas, which I have had before taste......well, bean-y when eating after a while but the roasting method used by Kala Beans produces a more airy product. They then use other ingredients that are of high quality, so it enhances the snacking experience. Everything melds perfectly and best of all, the taste and flavors pop in my mouth so I am enjoying a healthy snack a lot more than I expected I would. My favorite was the Cherry Trail Medley, the coconut shavings are toasted but not powdery in the bag. You actually get nice sized shavings!  Then the cherries are so good because I am first to admit that sometimes when I get dried cherries and dried cranberries in a mix, I can't always tell the difference between them because they are dried to the point that they just taste like seedy, red fruit skin. The cherries from Kala Beans are dried but in a kindly manner where they remain plump, retain their sweetness but still hit you with a tart flavor towards the end. Kala Beans then added a vanilla glaze to the product that is sweet but non-sticky on the surface. You just get that small hint and scent of the vanilla that adds a nice warmth and compliments the fruit, beans (and I want to say nuts but there are none in it), and chocolate nicely. The dark chocolate chunks are just so good and melt nicely when eating.  No waxy taste or bitterness.  I actually like the Kala Beans mixes and oddly more than some of my current trail and nut based mixes. I think it comes down to the clean taste and finish, that is both satisfying and tasty. Kills the craving and I will be buying them to add to my yogurt in the morning because a girl can only granola it for so long!  Plus, you have benefits like fiber from the beans and one bag is just 180 calories for the Cherry Trail Medley Mix and Pineapple one, but the other two only bump up to 200 calories for a 1.5 ounce serving.  That is pretty fair and not loaded with sugars and sodium, just real food with real flavors!

Connect with Kala Beans at:


I received the above product(s) free of charge from Swaggable and Kala Beautiful Beans. I am not obligated to provide a positive or favorable review, just my honest opinion. My review is based on my experience with the product and/or brand, which may differ from yours.

1 Comment . Comment . Thu, Feb 18, 2016 at 3:26 PM

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