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Kala Beautiful Beans

by Kala Beautiful Beans
4.1 stars based on 1,670 reviews

's review Grand Junction, Colorado

First off, I would like to say thank you to Swaggable and Kala Beans for the opportunity to try their product!! I was so excited when I received the invite and even more surprised when I received the sample in the mail. It came faster than expected. I was expecting one small package to try. Instead, I received four small packages of different flavors to try.


I do have to be honest, I have never heard of a Fava bean and had to Google it. I had no idea that it is a member of the pea family, but I am impressed.


I tried Tropical Curry first for an evening snack. The description on the bag reads, “roasted fava beans with curry spice and lime juice.” I was a little worried about it being spicy, but it was not that bad. It had a little kick and made my nose run a little, but nothing to write home about. There was just a hint of lime, but not to sour, just enough to blend well with the curry. I felt like I was eating something from our local Nepali restaurant. The beans themselves are amazing! The crunch! WOW!!! I read reviews that these were fried. They most certainly are NOT! They remind me of Wasabi Peas or Roasted Chickpeas. Not really sure where the “Tropical” comes in, maybe the Lime, but I like this flavor. I was also worried about the 200 calories per package, but was impressed with the 10 grams of protein per bag. This is a very healthy snack if you are eating a half or one bag a day.


Second, I tried Cherry Trail Medley as a morning snack between breakfast and lunch. The description on the bag reads, “roasted fava beans and vanilla-glazed chickpeas with cherries, toasted coconut, and dark chocolate chunks.” There was a light vanilla flavor on the chickpeas and fava beans, but not overpowering. The fava beans had a great crunch as they did with the Tropical Curry. The dried cherries are tart, but not enough to make you pucker up. The dark chocolate pieces add a nice flavor and they are not too strong. I loved how crispy the coconut flakes are! They were not chewy as they can be in other mixes and the flavor was great (I think that was my favorite part!). Overall, this mix seemed a little dry, but it went great with my morning coffee!! The calories were on 180 for the package with 6 grams of protein and it held me over until lunch.


Third, I tried Simply Peppered as an afternoon snack. The description on the bag reads, “roasted fava beans with Himalayan pink salt and black pepper.” I have never had Himalayan pink salt before but was excited to try it. I was a little worried this one may be on the spicy side with the black pepper as some companies can over do it and put way too much pepper in. There was the perfect blend of both in this mix. It was NOT spicy at all! I didn’t end up with massive heartburn an hour after eating it. The salt was great. It was not too salty and it didn’t make my fingers swell up as they do with many salty snacks. I gobbled this one right up and was sad when it was all gone. The calories and protein were the same as the Tropical Curry and it makes a great salty craving snack!


Lastly, I tried Pineapple Kick Medley as an evening snack. The description on the bag reads, “roasted fava beans and orange-glazed chickpeas with pineapple, blueberries, and paprika.”

When I opened the bag, the smell was amazing. Wasn’t really sure how paprika went with fruits, but somehow it works. The fava beans and chickpeas are perfectly glazed with orange and it is refreshing with a nice crunch. The pineapple is a white puff (the ingredients say they are freeze dried) and it seemed a little weird at first, but had amazing flavor! The blueberries are not too chewy and are perfectly sweet. There really is no “Kick” in this one, but it is a great sweet and salty snack. Calories are the same as Cherry Trail Medley with 7 grams of protein. It went great with my evening cup of tea.

Overall, this is an amazing product. Pineapple Kick Medley and Simply Peppered are my faves! Would I recommend this product? YES!!! Hurry up and get in stores!!!! Thanks again for the opportunity to sample!!!

6 Comments . Comment . Tue, Jan 05, 2016 at 8:26 PM

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