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Kala Beautiful Beans

by Kala Beautiful Beans
4.1 stars based on 1,670 reviews

's review Tucson, Arizona

Admittedly I was a little leary about trying the Kala Beautiful Beans when I saw how trail mix-y they are.  Trail Mix by nature can be a difficult food to balance.  Getting the right seasonings and the various textures, and fine tuning the salty vs the sweet... Trail Mix is almost art.  That being said, I was pleasantly surprised by all four flavors.  The difference between this and ordinary mixed snacks, of course, lies in the beans.  The beans in question are fava beans, chickpeas, or a combination of the two, depending on the flavor variety.  They were so perfectly dried that they were nearly indistinguishable from nut meats.  The complex flavors that the beans added to the mix were perfectly accented by light seasonings and combined very well with the sweet and citrus addition of the fruits.  I really can't go on enough about how crisp and well prepared each component of the mix was.

My personal favorite was the Tropical Curry flavor.  I provided a fiery bite, followed by a quick surge of citrus that then descends into the more earthy tones of the fava beans.

One unexpected benefit to these is that they are extraordinarily filling.  I'm a healthy male weighing in around 200 lbs and frankly, half of a 1.5 oz package left me sated.  All of them were under 200 calories, so in essence a 100 calorie snack killed my appetite for nearly 4 hours.  That's the essence of diet food right there, and it tastes great!

I can't say I would have considered buying this before I tried it.  There are endcaps in walmart devoted to trailmix... and they are all gross.  But having tried it now, if it magically sprang up in the gas station next to work, I'd consider buying it as a snack everyday.  I encourage everyone to give it a go.

4 Comments . Comment . Wed, Jan 13, 2016 at 3:03 PM

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